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I discovered witchcraft – and the power of my own – when trying to find myself. I had just left a difficult and very religious home situation and I was utterly lost. I had just discovered my chronic illnesses, and they prevented me from going to school or holding down a job. Despite my fiance’s support, I felt as though I wasn’t pulling my weight.

Have you ever felt lost like that? Have you ever felt as though the difficulties around you are piling up so high that you can’t see your way forward, let alone back?

Witchcraft gave me a sense of purpose – a sense of control. I wasn’t powerless; I had my own power, and I could make the most of life with its help. Over the years, I built up my craft, teaching myself to read tarot. I learned quickly that that was my expertise: channeling guides and Deities alike. Soon, I expanded into spellwork, and the energy distortion was apparent while the spells were being performed; my magic, the power I had sought for so long, truly worked.

I realized that I could help other people with my gifts, too – thus, my Etsy shop NyxxHexx and now my blog Working with Witchcraft were born. Thank you for joining me in this journey – I hope there is much more magic to come.

Vixal Plane

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